Custom Weapon Build

Omaha Tactical is a firearms dealer and firearms manufacturer for customers in the Omaha, Nebraska area. We also offer custom laser engraving on firearms and many other items. We Offer a wide selection of firearms at very reasonable prices. Omaha Tactical can order almost any firearm that you would like at below retail prices. Omaha Tactical is also a licensed manufacturer of firearms. We build custom AR and AK style rifles and more. We also sell almost all firearms and tactical equipment such as optics at below retail prices.

For prices on firearms or equipment, please email Omaha Tactical at and we will be happy to order your firearms and equipment and make an appointment for you to pick up your order at our Omaha shop.

Our firearms retail shop in Omaha, Nebraska is available to serve you by appointment only. Please contact us at for prices on Omaha area sales of firearms and equipment.


Customer Support:

James Turner:  Director of Online Sales and Marketing




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